Welcome to Kaidan

Far to the southeast of mainland Rokugan lies the legendary islands of Kaidan. Kaidan is rumored to be a cursed land filled with sorrow, danger, and death. It is said to be a land of horror: horrors of darkness, horrors of twisted evil, horrors of tragedy. There, the dead rest uneasy, the undying rule with absolute power, cruel samurai oppress the people, savage demons roam the wilderness, shapeshifting creatures fill the forests, and not even death is an escape. Kaidan is a land in need of light. It is a land desperately in need of heroes.

Once you enter Kaidan, it is not so easy to leave.

You have been warned.

Stories such as these have spread since Kaidan's discovery in 381, a mere decade before the first reign of the Gozoku, by Mantis sailors. Initial settlement was slow until a fruit called the Kiwi by the small native population was discovered that became a favorite of the Gozoku leadership. Forcing Imperials and Daimyos that fell out of favor with the Gozoku to take their entire retinues of Samurai and peasants into exile with them there, they forced the archipelagos' initial settlement and division into provinces. The islaids mostly forgotten otherwise, except for by the Mantis and Imperial Tax Collectors.

After the Battle of the White Stag, the Tortoise rediscovered Kaidan and reported it's existence to the Empress. Traveling there, she had a fantastic idea. Knowing that the Gaijin knew of Rokugan's existence, she layed the groundwork to allow for trade with Gaijin and left a standing order for Kaidan to become Rokugan's port to the outside world. By Imperial decree, she permitted the Imperials and Clans to conduct their own trading with Gaijin here with the terms that the Tortoise must be cut in for 15%, and only they may bring it back into Rokugan.

Outside of the tax collectors and the Tortoise, few ever traveled between Rokugan and the Kaidan Archipelago except for when a Minor Clan became strong enough to hold a province or when the Unicorn returned. By the time of Hantei XXXVIII, Kaidan was a land of terrifying myths and unspeakable horror stories. After the Clan Wars, the archepelago became mostly forgotten by the Rokugani until the end of the War of Spirits.

In 1154, Toturi I visited the archipelago and found it needing renewed contact with Rokugan proper and fresh blood. Thus, she drew up a plan and had it announced during all of Kaidan and Rokugan's winter court, he announced the immigration of trusted members of the Imperial Families, as well as that 50% of the unmarried samurai of each gender from the islands were to be fostered into Rokugan and replaced with a Samurai from the mainland the next spring and orders were given to the clan champions to arrange. You were shocked when your family was chosen and you were picked to be sent. Your Gempukku was rushed so you could be sent off to your new life.

You had heard the stories of Kaidan as a child when your mothers would use the fear of exile to the cursed archipelago to get you to do your chores or otherwise behave… and now it was happening. As fresh Gempukkus, you and the other new samurai were forced to wait for the final ship to be sent… which gave you more time to think on the situation and push past the initial fears to form your own opinions of what destiny has chosen for you. By the time you have arrived, all of the more experienced samurai have gotten the prestigious duties assigned to them by way of their past accomplishments. What positions within the Daimyo's courts were left were far below anything you had hoped for… and what's worse, you were going to have to compete in a tournament to gain these. Your family's wealth and reputation were too distant to gain a prestigious first posting like back home. Forced to compete in groupings based off the ships you have arrived on, to show your Daimyo what your capabilities are…

(All player PCs will be starting off with 40 xp and whatever kharma points have been racked up to represent you being a "Gray Face" (Generic NPC) stepping into the spotlight. A full banned/restricted mechanics list will accompany in the Wiki, as will an explanation of Kharma and the house XP rules. The time period chosen will allow us to be able to have most of the Mechanics available to PCs, and go off and write out our own Canon. Casual Roleplay will be handled over Discord text channels while GM ran adventure roleplays will be handled on a shared Roll20 page. As we grow, I would like to expand out to games across the entire archipelago and multiple Roll20 pages. (1 for each city/village in time would be amazing, but i'd be happy with being able to be able to run one major city.) I will share all of the resources I have, though once I run out of maps you will have to supply your own.)

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